Reisler Franklin has recently undergone a thorough review of their practice, carried out by an independent firm of auditors at the request of a major client. The following are some comments from the auditors:

On Reisler Franklin’s Processes

“Reisler Franklin is a well established law firm whose focus is providing legal defense for insurers doing business in the Province of Ontario, Canada.”

“During the time we were at the offices of Reisler Franklin, we observed a professional and well run law firm. Reisler Franklin has hired and developed a strong cadre of attorneys to provide civil litigation services to its clients. The Reisler Franklin firm is staffed with a mix of mature, experienced lawyers and younger lawyers with less experience. The firm also has a full support staff. Based upon the documents and information reviewed and our observations while on-site, it appears that the caseloads of the firm’s staff are within manageable levels, and within industry standards. Also, the support staff to lawyer ratio is within best practices for litigation firms.”

“As part of Mr. Reisler’s management and oversight duties, he personally visits the clients on an ‘as needed’ basis to discuss any issues of concern. In addition, he holds regular meetings with the team of lawyers handling client claims, during which the litigation and reserves are reviewed.”

“The quality of these summary reports is very good in our opinion, identifying the areas critical to client’s ability to assess the claim’s financial exposure. Generally, their reports are prepared and sent to clients in a timely way. Reisler Franklin provides additional information to clients in the form of status reports as changes in facts and issues warrant. Again, we found the quality and timeliness of the reports appropriate.”

On Reisler Franklin’s Employees

“We believe that Reisler Franklin is staffed with qualified attorneys, who exhibit professional attitudes and were openly receptive to various suggestions we made.”

“Mr. Reisler, who has been practicing law for over 20 years, has an extensive background in litigation practice, including working for a large law firm specializing in insurance defense. In our opinion, he demonstrates good instincts concerning the litigation process and sound legal judgment.”