Reisler Franklin LLP


Litigation Experts with the Trial Experience you need

You need more than just a litigator. You need a strategic thinker.
Do you think your insurance case deserves careful thought and consideration? We do.

Your case should be orchestrated by lawyers who have been to trial and who know how to build a comprehensive defence strategy that stands up to unrelenting challenges in the courtroom.

This is where Reisler Franklin LLP differs from so many other firms. 

We deliver results because we know what we’re preparing for. Our lawyers go to trial – many times. This is why Reisler Franklin LLP has delivered so many successful outcomes for clients in the courtroom and at mediation.  

Because we know what we’re preparing for, we simply do a better job of building the defence. And a well-prepared defence sets the stage for positive mediation, and an eventual success at trial if necessary. 

In insurance defence, closure without unnecessary expense is always the goal. Reisler Franklin LLP will help you get there.  

Expert advice and representation in these areas:

  • Motor vehicle tort and accident benefits
  • Commercial liability, property and casualty
  • Commercial host liability
  • Property insurance claims (premises liability, arson etc) and subrogation
  • Accident and Sickness and Disability claims
  • Municipal liability
  • Products liability

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